Single “J’aime Pas Danser”

This song is a wink to everyone who can be reluctant to go out sometimes and does not want to dance. In the end is almost always worth it, especially if both the beat and rhythm motivate you.

Clip Doucement

Raphaëlle tells a story about passion and desire. Within a night atmosphere and under soft lights several individuals are getting closer and are trying to express their sensual side.


Raphaëlle’s debut EP titled “Attitude” is a unique blend of influences from Pop Music, Afrobeat and Reggae which gives it a fresh and singular sound combined with catchy beats. Being born and raised in Paris, Raphaëlle gives each song on “Attitude” a special “je ne sais quoi” which goes far beyond her charming accent. “Attitude” takes you on a journey through romantic connections, passion, relief and self-love. The diversity and richness of the songs will make you want to take this journey over and over again, all by being very easy to listen to.


Raphaëlle travels in her imagination. She finds herself within beautiful landscapes – at the same time warm and summerish as well as cold and winterish. On her imaginary trip she stumbles across a mysterious woman and the tension between the two is tangible. Raphaelle tries to make her understand through her singing how much she desires her. But does this woman really exist or is she product of her dreams like the landscapes?


The first and very dynamic Single by Raphaëlle, this tune will make you want to dance and chill at the same time, while taking your soul on a little trip to a warm and sunny destination.